Two Sides

To be the partner who sees the struggle. To see the tired eyes and to shoulder the tears of a grown adult. To witness the ageing and to hear all the woes. 

To the person who has chosen the life as the last piece of the puzzle. To the person who knows there was a life before them and accepts and joins in with the present journey. Who endures and bares the brunt of the repercussions to a time they were never a part of. Who looks into the eyes of a person they love and can see all they want is help, just willing to be the one who they need help from. To the person questioning exactly their role in all of this and trying to find the solution just because they care. To have 3 in the bed and the little one said “can you go on the sofa”.

Being the ear to the rants, baring witness to the arguments, listening to another criticise the person you love when you see the reality. Biting your lip when you rage inside. The ‘filler inner’ to missed appointments, the last minute sitter for times in need, the tea maker and magician distraction. 

To choose a life by the side of a person who is too tired, too emotionally drained, too busy, too angry, too let down. To choose a journey that’s not always been yours and learning the ropes day by day, consistently. To choose to cancel personal plans at the drop of a hat with no questions asked, and very little thanks. 

To be the person who daren’t ever say they’re tired, to be the person who wishes they took all the kicks and the punches and could settle those sad tears.  

What’s in it for them?… 

To be the person to watch it all grow. To join in with the water fights and to make those play dough shapes. To recite the alphabet a thousand times and to bare witness to the every happy smile, every improvement, every achievement. To look into those tired drained eyes and still think you are the luckiest person in the world. 

If you know a person who chose this life, buy them a drink, they probably need it.

To be continued…